The Welcome Club of Fairfield/Easton was organized in 1950 by a Welcome Wagon Hostess. It has evolved over the years into a club that provides opportunities for all resident women, men and families to meet. The objective of the club is to develop friendships among new and existing residents and to introduce them to the civic and social activities of their community. Membership is open to all residents of Fairfield and Easton, CT.

Who are we?
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What does the Welcome Club offer?

The Welcome Club offers a wide variety of fun activities to its members. Events are planned for daytime and evening as well as weekday and weekend. Some are for the whole family and others are fun for just the adults. Members receive weekly and monthly e-newsletters which detail club activities and happenings in the surrounding communities. Some of the events offered include:

  1. Book Groups and Bunco Groups

  2. Children’s Events and Playgroups

  3. New and Expecting Parent Support Groups

  4. Community Outreach Opportunities

  5. Mens’ Night Out and Ladies’ Night Out

  6. Mens’ Poker Night and Ladies Poker Night

  7. Social and Special Events

  8. Annual Clambake

  9. Bunco for Breast Cancer

  10. Breakfast with Santa

  11. Family Bonfires on the Beach

  12. Cocktail Parties and more!

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Are you new to Fairfield or Easton? Did you have a baby or leave your job to stay at home with kids? Whatever the reason, if you'd like to meet new people, socialize and get involved with the community, the Welcome Club of Fairfield/Easton, CT is for you! It doesn't matter if you've been here 3 days, 3 months, 3 years, or even longer.

We offer many activities that meet regularly, such as book clubs, Ladies' and Men's Night Out, children's activities, playgroups, neighborhood coffees, tennis, golf, and more. Additionally, we sponsor major events throughout the year such as our club season opening event and our annual year end Clambake. Whatever you decide to participate in, you'll meet new people and learn more about our towns.

Through the Welcome Club, you will build long-lasting friendships, become more familiar with the community, and have the opportunity to participate in some great events. To join the Welcome Club, just complete the membership form and return it along with your membership dues. Hope to meet you soon!

If you are interested in viewing any of our club policies and bylaws, then you can learn more by clicking here.